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Senior Vice President
Highland Park, IL

Matt Goldhaber is Senior Vice President of Fisher Investments serving the Chicago, IL area. He has been working with Fisher Investments for the past five years and previously worked in Merrill Lynch's Wealth Management Division.

Matt received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree in business from Indiana University.

Matt enjoys meeting with prospective clients to help them understand the array of money management options available, and which approach might be most suitable based on personal goals and objectives. Furthermore, he can help determine whether Fisher Investments might be a good fit.

Fisher Investments is an independent money management firm founded in 1979, serving institutions and high net worth investors. For more information, visit http://www.fisherinvestments.com/.

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U.S. Targets Russian Energy, Arms, Finance Sectors With New Sanctions

MarketMinder's View: The EU and US are expanding sanctions on Russia, to hit Russian state-run banks’ ability to access EU capital markets (similar to existing US provisions), curtail future
Bank of Cyprus’s Bail-in Blues

MarketMinder's View: In March 2013, Cyprus turned to the EU, IMF and ECB (troika) for a bailout. The troika, however, responded with a new plan: Large, uninsured depositors would be bailed
Geopolitical Risk Rises For Global Investors

MarketMinder's View: Claiming that the “open monetary spigots at the US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan” are the reason why recent geopolitical turmoil in Ukraine,
Use of the Word ‘Bubble’ Reaches Worrying Levels

MarketMinder's View: Wait—it’s a bubble in bubble talk? Claims of “froth” are bubbling up all over? Here’s the thing: If everyone thinks you’re in a bubble, you probably aren’t, because a
Dividend Income Tax Rate to Decline

MarketMinder's View: There is good news, bad news and a bizarre theory underlying both at work here. Starting with the good news: Korea’s government plans to slash the dividend tax rate—a
Modi's New India Is Off to a Bad Start

MarketMinder's View: While we’re never very optimistic multilateral trade deals get done, that Modi’s government—which swept into office amid high hopes of market-opening reform—is opposing
Corporate Artful Dodgers

MarketMinder's View: This rather overstates the fiscal impact of inversion M&A deals (US firms buying smaller foreign firms so they can get a new tax address without jumping through
28 Jul
For S&P, Strategists' Forecasts Fall Short

MarketMinder's View: As this piece highlights, many “experts” predicted 2014 to be a pretty flat year for stocks. S&P 500 performance at the year’s halfway point has already exceeded
28 Jul
Britain Sets Out Shale Rules With New Oil, Gas Licensing Round

MarketMinder's View: While the UK should benefit over time from developing its vast shale resources, the bureaucratic process involved delays those benefits—potentially by a decade. Since
28 Jul
New Private Banks Underscore China’s Resolve for Reform

MarketMinder's View: These three new private banks will target small firms, which have historically struggled to get bank loans, resorting to riskier avenues like loan sharks or peer-to-peer
28 Jul
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@jerbeelee Happy to help Jeremy. Can you DM the details?

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@PatriciaFerG Thank you for your response and interest in Fisher. You can access our guide by clicking on this link http://t.co/Tz5b00wBK4

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