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Senior Vice President
Highland Park, IL

Matt Goldhaber is Senior Vice President of Fisher Investments serving the Chicago, IL area. He has been working with Fisher Investments for the past five years and previously worked in Merrill Lynch's Wealth Management Division.

Matt received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree in business from Indiana University.

Matt enjoys meeting with prospective clients to help them understand the array of money management options available, and which approach might be most suitable based on personal goals and objectives. Furthermore, he can help determine whether Fisher Investments might be a good fit.

Fisher Investments is an independent money management firm founded in 1979, serving institutions and high net worth investors. For more information, visit

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Economix Meets the Gales of Change

MarketMinder's View: Economix, the Times’ pure economics blog, was created in September 2008 amid the financial crisis—a time of deep economic concern. It will be replaced by a new blog
Compounding Worth an Interest

MarketMinder's View: A great article discussing a core reason to invest—the power of compound growth. “A potential shortcoming of compounding is that, by the time investors are old enough to
Can the SEC Fix Target-Date Funds?

MarketMinder's View: Sure, more transparency might help investors make better investing decisions when it comes to holding target-date funds (a fund investing in a combination of stocks and
U.S. Existing Home Sales Hit 1-1/2 Year Low in March

MarketMinder's View: One weaker month of home sales shouldn’t distract folks from housing’s ongoing recovery—it’s normal for recoveries to be uneven at times. And housing is still just one
Japan Urged to Start Cutting Corporate Tax Next Year: Economy

MarketMinder's View: Cutting corporate taxes would be an incremental plus for Japanese firms, but for now it’s just talk. And Japan still has plenty more issues to address—protectionism in
U.S.-Japan Trade Deal is Coveted, Elusive

MarketMinder's View: We’re mighty skeptical this deal gets done. Big, sweeping deals like the multilateral Trans-Pacific Partnership usually face major hurdles to completion. This one is no
Foreign Investors Snap Up Spanish Debt

MarketMinder's View: A testament to the eurozone’s ongoing recovery—foreign holdings of Spain’s debt have increased to €182 billion over the last couple years and its yields on 10-year
A Better Way to Run Rating Agencies

MarketMinder's View: The aspects critiquing the ratings agencies—particularly their issuer-pays business model—are spot on, but in our view, a more beneficial, straightforward solution would
21 Apr
We’ve Enjoyed a Pleasant Break—Prepare For More Economic Storms Ahead

MarketMinder's View: Yes, the so-called austerity program probably weighed on UK growth some from 2010 through 2012—even though government spending kept rising, tax hikes hurt. However, this
21 Apr
Japan Export Growth Slows in Warning About Overseas Demand

MarketMinder's View: Here’s an example of why a weakening currency isn’t a panacea for a slowing economy: While export values popped in early 2013, as Japan reaped the immediate fruit of the
21 Apr
Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

@PatriciaFerG Thank you for your response and interest in Fisher. You can access our guide by clicking on this link

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Looking for a high paying job with a great company? Join the Fisher Investments Sales Team. No cold calling. Base salary + uncapped commission potential. Click Here to Learn More:

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Book: Inventions
$2.99 at Amazon!

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Misleading comparison of 1929 to the present day - read the full story on #scarychart

Five Reasons a Scary, Viral Chart Is Misleading—and One Reason It’s Bullish

A misleading chart concluding a 1929-style crash looms has gone viral—a sign there is likely much more bull market to come.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Ken Fisher: A Big Surprise for 2014. #KenFisherForbes

A Big (Bull) Surprise For 2014

The world will work better than you think after monetary easing ends.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Fisher Investments addresses Europe’s improving health. #FisherInvestmentsMarketMinder

Europe’s Improving Health

Those focusing on weak French data are ignoring the bigger, more important eurozone picture.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Be Challenged. #FisherInvestmentsCareers

Fisher Investments Careers - Be Challenged.

Learn more about the employee experience at Fisher Investments from employee, Kevin Gil.

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Great message Kevin Gil! Hope you are doing well!

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True! :))))

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Fisher Investments addresses a new head for the Fed: Janet Yellen. #Fed #FisherInvestmentsMarketMinder

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Here’s an archive of all of Ken Fisher’s Forbes articles going back to 1997. #KenFisherForbes

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Be Unconventional. #FisherInvestmentsCareers

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Fisher Investments YouTube: Benchmark & Time Horizon. #FisherInvestmentsYouTube

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