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Senior Vice President
Highland Park, IL

Matt Goldhaber is Senior Vice President of Fisher Investments serving the Chicago, IL area. He has been working with Fisher Investments for the past five years and previously worked in Merrill Lynch's Wealth Management Division.

Matt received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree in business from Indiana University.

Matt enjoys meeting with prospective clients to help them understand the array of money management options available, and which approach might be most suitable based on personal goals and objectives. Furthermore, he can help determine whether Fisher Investments might be a good fit.

Fisher Investments is an independent money management firm founded in 1979, serving institutions and high net worth investors. For more information, visit http://www.fisherinvestments.com/.

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The Fed’s Bully Pulpit on Wall Street

MarketMinder's View: Should investors listen to the Fed? Sure. Should they put much stock in forward guidance, jawboning or whatever you want to call it? Nah. And should they let Fed
18 Jul
Stocks Are Ignoring Reality of MH17

MarketMinder's View: More like this article ignores the reality of market history. Stocks didn’t fall “20% in the months after the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.” The
18 Jul
UK Banks Face Break-Up as Competition Inquiry Looms

MarketMinder's View: Yes, the UK banking industry has a bit of a competition problem. But breaking up the biggest banks, in our view, isn’t a sensible or beneficial fix. Why not just figure
18 Jul
Brokerages Don’t Want to Put Your Interests First

MarketMinder's View: From the unfair headline to the second-to-last sentence, this paints an entirely false picture of how investors should think about the potential for a uniform fiduciary
18 Jul
Protectionists Steel Washington

MarketMinder's View: Please pardon the political slant in this article—as always, we’re looking at it solely from the angle of market impact. And politics aside, it fairly captures the
18 Jul
Check Your Tolerance for Investment Risk Now, Before Markets Sag

MarketMinder's View: In our experience, investors’ self-described risk tolerance does change with the market’s ups and downs. A library of behavioral finance studies and our own actual work
18 Jul
SEC Loses Lawsuit Against Brokerage Insurance Fund SIPC

MarketMinder's View: Public service announcement, folks: If you buy a CD or any other investment product that turns out to be pure fraud, regulators won’t compensate you. SIPC is insurance
18 Jul
More Cities to Relax Housing Restrictions

MarketMinder's View: It appears some Chinese policymakers have learned that age-old lesson: If you restrict sales of something, people buy less of it, and prices fall. Now, we probably
18 Jul
Bank Lending Accelerates After Slump

MarketMinder's View: Specifically, three of the US’s biggest banks averaged three-plus percent loan growth in Q2, a big turnaround from falling lending a year ago. Yes, it’s anecdotal, but
18 Jul
Regulators Come Up With Own Plan to Coordinate Bank Supervision

MarketMinder's View: Well that’s cute. And that’s about it. Look, we don’t mean to be dismissive, but we’re just a wee bit confused on how having an international college of regulators
18 Jul
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@jerbeelee Happy to help Jeremy. Can you DM the details?

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RT @fisherinvest_mm: About That Student Loan Time Bomb #economics #Economy #education @EquitiesNetwork http://t.co/OBoW37FmwJ more on http:…

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@PatriciaFerG Thank you for your response and interest in Fisher. You can access our guide by clicking on this link http://t.co/Tz5b00wBK4

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