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Senior Vice President
Highland Park, IL

Matt Goldhaber is Senior Vice President of Fisher Investments serving the Chicago, IL area. He has been working with Fisher Investments for the past five years and previously worked in Merrill Lynch's Wealth Management Division.

Matt received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree in business from Indiana University.

Matt enjoys meeting with prospective clients to help them understand the array of money management options available, and which approach might be most suitable based on personal goals and objectives. Furthermore, he can help determine whether Fisher Investments might be a good fit.

Fisher Investments is an independent money management firm founded in 1979, serving institutions and high net worth investors. For more information, visit

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Yellen Says Federal Reserve Considering Tougher Rules for Big Banks

MarketMinder's View: For now, this is all talk—without firm plans or comments on specific proposed measures, speculation over what the Fed does and how Financials react is futile. That said,
Tech Bubble Fears Are Overblown

MarketMinder's View: While this piece in some ways looks too long term, this is a key point: “Far from championing the extraordinary progress and momentum of the [tech] sector, observers are
Fund Managers Face Bonus Curbs in EU Financial-Rule Overhaul

MarketMinder's View: We’re just not quite sure what this will achieve—limiting fund managers’ bonuses won’t prevent another Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme—but it does discourage fund
March Retail Gain Brings Little Relief Stores

MarketMinder's View: March’s retail sales experienced a solid jump (+1.1% m/m), but people are still focusing on the past (i.e., January and February). Sure, retail didn’t have the best
No Stimulus for a Resilient Recovery

MarketMinder's View: This piece from China’s state-run news agency likely provides a glimpse into policymakers’ mindset. Not only does it underscore the unlikeliness of sweeping stimulus, it
EU Financial System Revamp Complete

MarketMinder's View: This is largely a rubber-stamping of what markets have long known—the ECB will regulate the region’s largest banks, creditors and depositors likely have to take losses
US Consumer Prices Up Slightly in March; Cheaper Gasoline Blunts Impact of Higher Food Costs

MarketMinder's View: Inflation is running at a very tame 1.5% year-over-year—below the Fed’s target, but that’s not a risk to economic growth. Slow inflation isn’t deflation—it’s just a side
Ukraine Tensions Escalate as Russia, US Exchange Barbs

MarketMinder's View: Yes, the drama continues in Crimea, with increasing violence along the Russia-Ukraine border. In our view, it’s likely this hotspot continues garnering headlines for
14 Apr
No More Freezer Burn: March Retail Sales Sizzle After Frigid Winter

MarketMinder's View: March retail sales rose +1.1% m/m (+3.7% y/y), the biggest monthly gain since 2012. This puts headline retail sales growth for Q1 2014 at +2.5% versus the same period a
14 Apr
France Chops Red Tape to Save Firms Billions of Euros

MarketMinder's View: On the heels of new Prime Minster Manuel Valls’ proposed tax cuts and labor reforms last week, President François Hollande announced more plans to reduce the weight
14 Apr
Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

@PatriciaFerG Thank you for your response and interest in Fisher. You can access our guide by clicking on this link

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Misleading comparison of 1929 to the present day - read the full story on #scarychart

Five Reasons a Scary, Viral Chart Is Misleading—and One Reason It’s Bullish

A misleading chart concluding a 1929-style crash looms has gone viral—a sign there is likely much more bull market to come.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Ken Fisher: A Big Surprise for 2014. #KenFisherForbes

A Big (Bull) Surprise For 2014

The world will work better than you think after monetary easing ends.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Fisher Investments addresses Europe’s improving health. #FisherInvestmentsMarketMinder

Europe’s Improving Health

Those focusing on weak French data are ignoring the bigger, more important eurozone picture.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Be Challenged. #FisherInvestmentsCareers

Fisher Investments Careers - Be Challenged.

Learn more about the employee experience at Fisher Investments from employee, Kevin Gil.

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Great message Kevin Gil! Hope you are doing well!

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True! :))))

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Fisher Investments YouTube: Debunking the “Great Rotation”. #FisherInvestmentsYouTube

MarketMinder Minute -- Debunking the Great Rotation

This week's MarketMinder Minute debunks media stories touting a "great rotation" into (or out of) stocks.

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Fisher Investments addresses a new head for the Fed: Janet Yellen. #Fed #FisherInvestmentsMarketMinder

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Here’s an archive of all of Ken Fisher’s Forbes articles going back to 1997. #KenFisherForbes

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Be Unconventional. #FisherInvestmentsCareers

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Fisher Investments YouTube: Benchmark & Time Horizon. #FisherInvestmentsYouTube

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