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Vice President
Denver, CO

William (Bill) Shepherd has over 18 years of experience in the global financial services industry and has been with Fisher Investments since 2006. Bill in based in Denver and works with private clients throughout Colorado, Oklahoma and the Midwest.

Bill's prior experience includes helping establish an international wealth management firm in Frankfurt, Germany, and then helping expand the business throughout Europe and ultimately Asia.

If you are interested in learning more about Fisher Investments,  Bill can review and evaluate your current financial situation, discuss your investment goals and objectives, and explain our approach to investing.

Bill has a degree in finance. He enjoys skiing, cycling and hiking.

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Strong Growth in GDP, But Some Caveats

MarketMinder's View: Well, there are caveats, for sure. But there usually are in any series as broad and wonky as GDP. The article notes 1.66 percentage points of growth came from
30 Jul
Want People to Back Fracking? Let Them Own Land Under Their Property

MarketMinder's View: This pretty much sums it up: “The oil and gas fields generate a heck of a lot of money. Except the trouble is, you are not going to get any of it. Most of it will go to
30 Jul
Loopholes Blunt Impact of US, EU Sanctions Over Ukraine

MarketMinder's View: The US and EU officially released details of their expanded sanctions on Russia tied to the ongoing Ukraine conflict. And, here again, the sanctions lack teeth and are
30 Jul
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Click here for Ken Fisher’s 30-year Forbes Anniversary http://t.co/JV1P4jw3LA #FisherInvestmentsForbes

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Click here for Ken Fisher's new @Forbes article: 389 Lessons, And Counting http://t.co/JZn3vXc4sX #stocks #investing #investment

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@jerbeelee Happy to help Jeremy. Can you DM the details?

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RT @fisherinvest_mm: About That Student Loan Time Bomb #economics #Economy #education @EquitiesNetwork http://t.co/OBoW37FmwJ more on http:…

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@PatriciaFerG Thank you for your response and interest in Fisher. You can access our guide by clicking on this link http://t.co/Tz5b00wBK4

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