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Vice President
Denver, CO

William (Bill) Shepherd has over 18 years of experience in the global financial services industry and has been with Fisher Investments since 2006. Bill in based in Denver and works with private clients throughout Colorado, Oklahoma and the Midwest.

Bill's prior experience includes helping establish an international wealth management firm in Frankfurt, Germany, and then helping expand the business throughout Europe and ultimately Asia.

If you are interested in learning more about Fisher Investments,  Bill can review and evaluate your current financial situation, discuss your investment goals and objectives, and explain our approach to investing.

Bill has a degree in finance. He enjoys skiing, cycling and hiking.

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Get our latest Stock Market Outlook—a timely research report from the Investment Policy Committee with current views on where the stock market is headed.
Will your money last as long as you do? How about your spouse? Many retirees misjudge how long their money can last during retirement. Learn more from our 15-min retirement plan.
Common mistakes can add up and diminish the value of your portfolio. If you learn the Eight Biggest Mistakes and how to avoid them, you can begin reducing your error rate and improving overall success.
Most American investors aren't nearly as well diversified as they think, tending to focus on US stocks. Our Global Investing Guide can increase your performance opportunities and enhance risk management.
US New Home Sales Dive to Eight-Month Low in March

MarketMinder's View: US new home sales fell -14.5% m/m (-13.3% y/y) in March—not pretty, but not necessarily a sign of deep-seeded weakness. January and February’s harsh weather may have
23 Apr
Yellen Still Mum on Bubbles

MarketMinder's View: Whether through near-zero short rates or quantitative easing bond buying, data show the Fed isn’t blowing any bubbles. Looking ahead, we see little likelihood Fed
23 Apr
EU in Slow Progress on Deficit Cuts

MarketMinder's View: A shrinking deficit—to 3% of GDP, in line with the Maastricht Treaty—shows how far the eurozone has come. True, not all countries reduced deficits at the same rate, but
23 Apr
Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

@PatriciaFerG Thank you for your response and interest in Fisher. You can access our guide by clicking on this link

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Looking for a high paying job with a great company? Join the Fisher Investments Sales Team. No cold calling. Base salary + uncapped commission potential. Click Here to Learn More:

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Book: Inventions
$2.99 at Amazon!

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Misleading comparison of 1929 to the present day - read the full story on #scarychart

Five Reasons a Scary, Viral Chart Is Misleading—and One Reason It’s Bullish

A misleading chart concluding a 1929-style crash looms has gone viral—a sign there is likely much more bull market to come.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Ken Fisher: A Big Surprise for 2014. #KenFisherForbes

A Big (Bull) Surprise For 2014

The world will work better than you think after monetary easing ends.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Fisher Investments addresses Europe’s improving health. #FisherInvestmentsMarketMinder

Europe’s Improving Health

Those focusing on weak French data are ignoring the bigger, more important eurozone picture.

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Fisher Investments: Official Company Page

Be Challenged. #FisherInvestmentsCareers

Fisher Investments Careers - Be Challenged.

Learn more about the employee experience at Fisher Investments from employee, Kevin Gil.

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Great message Kevin Gil! Hope you are doing well!

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True! :))))

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Fisher Investments addresses a new head for the Fed: Janet Yellen. #Fed #FisherInvestmentsMarketMinder

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Here’s an archive of all of Ken Fisher’s Forbes articles going back to 1997. #KenFisherForbes

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Be Unconventional. #FisherInvestmentsCareers

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Fisher Investments @fisherinvest

Fisher Investments YouTube: Benchmark & Time Horizon. #FisherInvestmentsYouTube

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